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De Vaartkapoen: Amazing Statues Around The World

> De Vaartkapoen :
> Low down, a young
> rebel, the Vaartkapoen, reminiscent of a jack-in-the- box, topples over a
> policeman higher up, thus overthrowing his authority...
> Location: Brussels , Belgium

Saturday, August 29, 2009

1928 - Two boys cycling from Dunedin to Christchurch. Jim McKerrow and Arthur Hughes

Ch'church, Monday 29 December 1928

Dear Mother and Family

We got here alright and it was a very rough trip which I would not like to do again. From Dunedin to Oamaru it was nothing but up and down hills and the roads were nothing but boulders. We had head winds from Dunedin to Oamaru but from Timaru to Christchurch the road were concrete and could not have been better.

We covered 126 miles from Timaru to Christchurch in 6 hours. The first night we reached Palmerston and slept under a hay stack. The second day Christmas it started to rain at 6 o’clock so we slept in a goods shed. The third night we slept by the Rakaia River. We got up at half past 3 and rode until dark.

We don’t like Arthur’s people so we took Auntie Mary’s offer to stay at her place from Wednesday till Friday. Auntie Mary is a good sort we were out there on Sunday the whole day. Young Freddie had a bad accident with his push bike. He ran into a motor car. The whole family and Arthur and I went into the Hospital to see him.
I have lost all the skin off my face. It was 96 oF in the shade on Saturday, the hottest weather I have known.
We have been to Lyttleton and to have a look at our old house in Madras Street. Saturday night we went to the pictures. I don’t like the town people. They are very funny. If you ask them the way they don’t speak they just walk on. I don’t know if you will be able to read this. I have nowhere to write on. I am writing this up against a post. I will be home on Friday or Saturday, very likely Friday, I hope everbody is in good health. Arthur and I are alright. No punctures so far we were lucky. We thought the distance from Dunedin was 235 but when we got there we found that was by train. It is 246 by road.
This is all I can think of just now.
With love from

The Plum Pudding was good we had it for dinner on Christmas Day.
I hope Bob has a good birthday.

30 August 2009

When I was in New Zealand last month, my sister Marie, showed me a letter, written in pencil, that my father, James William Godfrey McKerrow. b. 02.02.1910, wrote to his Mother, after cycling from Dunedin to Christchurch in 1928.
I remember the bike carefully stored in our cellar in Dunedin. It was a big black roadster, with double forks. My Dad carried many bags of cement, 4 x 2's and lots of building material strapped to the frame of his bike, from South Dunedin, up the very steep Leckhampton Court and Forfar Street, to our house in Clyde Hill. It was a gutbuster. I wonder how many other journeys Dad did, but never recorded ? He fought in North Africa and Italy during World War 2, and I have most of the postcards he sent my Mum. That is his record during a very tragic part of world history. I am proud of my Dad and Mum.

The Thumb: Weird Statues and Sculptures Around The World

> The Thumb :
> Location: Paris - near
> Arc de la Defens

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weird Statues and Sculptures Around The World #02: La Trobe

> La Trobe :
> A contemporary
> representation of Charles La Trobe in central Melbourne (This temporary
> installation was removed at the end of June 2006 and has been acquired by La
> Trobe University).
> Location: Melbourne

The mountains had taught me about life........

I think I realised that my main interest did not consist in trying to test my strength.; nor was it essential for me to achieve some victory. The Mountains had taught me about life. I needed to learn that comfort and security are not esstential prerequisites to a sense of satisfaction…. The mountains had already given me physical fitness and friends, a deeper appreciation of the planet in which we live, a clearer perception of values distinquishing the stable and the essential from the petty and ephemeral… Mountaineering had to be the whole mountain experience = the huts in the valley, the shepherds in the upper valleys, the flowers by the glacier stream, the upper icefield, the snowy ridge, the rocky crest and the lonely summit. It was sufficient the mountains were aesthetically satisfying. I did not need to seek difficult climbs, although I tried to acquire competence to deal with difficulties that might arise in my quest for perfect accord with the mountain environment.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weird Statues and Sculptures Around The World #01:The Magic Tap

The Magic Tap:
> Magic tap, which appears to float in the sky with an endless supply of water.
In actuality, there is a pipe hidden in the stream of water..
> Location: Aqualand, Cadiz .

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 New Zealand Winter Games Underway

Forty nations, 800 athletes, 220 media, 400 volunteers, 34 events, 15 sports and 10 days of the best winter sports action ever seen outside of the Olympics - it's the greatest show on snow and it's 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games!

New Zealand's Jossi Wells, on his way to a silver medal in the Free Skiing Slopestyle competition at the 2009 Winter Games at The Remarkables, Queenstown

It fills my heart with pride when I see the remote mountainous regions of the province (Otago) that my Great-Grand Father so faithfully surveyed between 1861 and 1863, and the province I was born in and learned to tramp, climb and ski, has become the venue for the 2009 NZ Winter Games, a key event before the Winter Olympics. It started last Friday, 21 August 2009.

The Remarkables, a place I started snow and ice climbing in 1966, one of the key venues for the 2009 Winter Games.

The inaugural 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games opened last Friday afternoon in front of over 1,000 spectators and the world’s media.

A skydiver landing on the beach heralded the start of the opening, followed by 40 local school children arriving by jet boats across Lake Wakatipu, each carrying a flag of the 40 nations competing in the Games.

The rousing call of the putara (conch) called the crowds to attention for the start of the powhiri (welcome). The warriors of Kai Tahu issued a challenge to the visitors and placed a teka (dart) at the feet of Jean-Phillipe Roy of Canada who was representing the several hundred athletes present.

Governor-General Hon Sir Anand Satyanand officially opened the Games, highlighting the benefits and unique nature of this ground-breaking event, as well as it's potential for the future. He talked about the vision of Winter Games NZ chairman Sir Eion Edgar, and CEO Arthur Klap had to produce this event and how it evolved through the collaboration with the Olympic committees of the Pacific Rim countries.

It was good to see my that my old friend Arthur Klap's dream finally come true. I first met Arthur and his wife Lynn, in Chamonix France in the late 70's, when they were both young competitive free-style skiers. I spent some time with Arthur in those days and recall discussing the potential of the Otago mountains had fro winter sports, and one, day the venue for a winter Olympics. And Eion Edgar, another of my Dunedin generation, who used his vision and connections to make this happen. It is a proud time for us Dunedin lads to see Otago's mountains finally getting the oportunity to attract winter sport competitors from around the world to these first ever, New Zealand Winter Games

A map of all the venue for the 2009 Winter games

Cadrona, the venue for Nordic skiing

Jossi, proudly displaying his medal.

Team Australia’s experience won through in the first 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games match of the double header Trans Tasman ice hockey series in Dunedin tonight winning 8 -2. In front of a crowd of 2500 at Dunedin’s Ice Stadium, the Ice Blacks made a thrilling start with goals by Paris Heyd and Brett Speirs putting them up 2-1 within the first thirteen minutes of the game. The Ice Blacks have never beaten Australia at senior level and this was the first time in their 10 match history that they had hit the front. However Australia fought back to equalise, with the score 2-2 by the end of the first period. The second Test is tonight.

100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games continues today Sunday 23rd August, with the Snowboard Slopestyle at The Remarkables, the cross-country classic skiing at Snow Farm, the start of the curling at Naseby and the final ice hockey test match in Dunedin.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Insanity Skyride at LAs Vegas

Insane ride at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. Dangling over the edge of the hotel, 900 feet in the air, over The Strip. Nothing but pavement below!

Sneak Peek of Insanity Sky Ride In 41 Storey Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines

Oh now, I wana go back to my hometown Cebu because of the Skyride.lolx!

Introducing a Sneak Peek of Insanity In Cebu City, Philippines!
marketing and video by
This is the same Ride as at the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.
Now available here at Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, Cebu Philippines!
Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flash Flood in Bohol

I received this email from my Singaporean Lady Boss.
So scaryyyyyyyy!