Thursday, April 14, 2011

France Niqab ban 'blatant attack on Islam,” says UK journalist Yvonne Ridley

Yvonne Ridley ~ Taliban gal!

Wondered what she had been getting up to ~ no doubt something to do with an Islamic revolution ~ somewhere!! Prevented from entering India for controversial remarks ~ was to appear at a conference ~ for Muslim in Southern India to get involved in politics [a fatwa stated they could vote], to bring about an Islamic state ~ about a year ago.


Yvonne Ridley ~ once a normal westerner ~ had her life completely changed after she became a captive of the Taliban. But rather than objecting to her captures ideology ~ she took it on ~ wholeheartedly embracing and taking her place at the radical end of Islam.

Though admittedly she has a little trouble with the submissive Muslim woman's role ~ she took at least one Islamic TV station [Aljezeera or one of them] to court to press for her rights [or something]. She was likely dealing with men whose wives all wore the burqa outsidde of the house ~ but it did not dawn on her that at least in spirit that was what was expected ~ of every muslim Muslim woman ~ scarf or no scarf. No, Yvonne Ridley, models herself, her dress on the Taliban, the masculine Islam, in many instances, at least previously, she can be seen wearing, not a headscarf, but a turban.

In her explanation for her experience in the Taliban hands, and her change of lifestyle as a Muslim, "from a champagne drinking party girl" ~ she says that because she protested, to the Taliban she must have seemed like the 'average western' woman. An indication that to survive she understood the clear distinction between, the freedom enjoyed by the western woman and harnessed and stirrupped controlled existence of the average Afghani woman ~ and in those terrifying moments survival must have been Islam.

And now the put down and the criticism of the western woman or of herself ~ continues ~ as if still in survival mode. Stockholm Syndrome ~ identifying with one's kidnappers, under extreme duress.

This is an Iranian news agency article.

She also gave one of the lectures, considered to be radical, in which the underpants bomber attended at a London University.

“Women and children are dying in Gaza, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and other places and they can do something positive to stop this, which is far more important than persecuting a minority group of women for their faith,” she said.

As for helping all these countries ~ we are damned if we do and damned if we don't ~ you step out to help ~ next thing you are accused of interfering.

As for an attack on Islam.

In the Muslim world there is no tolerance practised towards others. You don't respect anyone else's religion ~ someone leaves Islam you call the police. And where Yvonne was captured and found her reason for being in Islam ~ anyone who leaves Islam is killed. There must be some belief, that as in the Islamic world respect for others' sensitivities and beliefs needn't be given [except under certain conditions] and that Muslims should under western freedoms, be allowed to erode it.

As they believe that they, are God's chosen people and they should control the world, as with Persia of old, be handed the world and the people in it.

London : France's enforcement of a ban on women wearing a face veil is akin to “the politics of the Nazis,” says British journalist and broadcaster Yvonne Ridley.

“This is a blatant attack on Islam from an Islamaphobic state run by opportunist politicians, who are trying to win cheap votes at the cost of a minority group of women,” said Ridley, who is also European President of the International Muslim Women's Union.

“The veil is a symbol of piety and who would punish a woman for her piety? Certainly no one if she was a Roman Catholic Nun but it seems in secular France it is open season on Muslims,” she told IRNA.

Political commentators have also linked this week's introduction of the law with French President Nicolas Sarkozy being accused of stigmatising Muslims to win over the far-right vote and counter the rise of the Front National at a time when his poll ratings are at record low ahead of next year's presidential election.

Ridley also criticised attempt to justify the niqab ban with the so-called terrorist threat as “nonsense” and referred back to the campaign against men with a beard, saying there was “not one beard among the 19 hijackers who wreaked death and destruction on America on September 11 2001.”

“Criminals who are intent on committing crimes would not dress in such a manner - when did you last hear of women wearing niqabs holding up a bank or being involved in armed robberies or mugging old ladies?” she said.

The British journalist expressed concern about the state intervention of what can and cannot be worn, saying “a woman's wardrobe is no place for a man regardless of who he is or how he prays.”

“When the state starts dictating what women can and cannot wear then we are entering uncharted waters. Where will it end? It also gives the Islamaphobes and racists another stick with which to beat Muslims,” she said.

In her interview with IRNA, Ridley also spoke about a current attempt in Britain to pass legislation to ban the face veil by way of a Private Member's Bill, which is due to get its second reading by the end of the year.

“I wrote to the British Prime Minister David Cameron in my capacity as the European President of the International Muslim Women's Union asking him about the threat to ban the niqab in the UK. He personally assured me that his government had no agenda on having the niqab or full face veil banned,” she said.

But while it was almost certain that the private member's bill will fail, Ridley warned that the debate will give “a lot of white men in suits the chance to discuss a subject of which they know little or nothing when there are far more pressing matters of state to attend.”

“Women and children are dying in Gaza, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and other places and they can do something positive to stop this, which is far more important than persecuting a minority group of women for their faith,” she said.


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