Monday, May 31, 2010

Jetstar to trial rent-an-iPad service

Jetstar will launch a trial of of new in-flight entertainment system featuring the new iPad tablet computer.

The program will roll out later this month on on selected domestic routes across Australia.

The iPads will loaded up with in-flight entertainment such as videos, e-books, magazines, games and music. The devices will be rented out at a cost of $10.

"Given the demand for the iPad so far, I anticipate it will have strong appeal amongst our passengers," said Jetstar CEO Bruce Buchanan in a press release.

Jetstar is teaming up with the British company Bluebox Avionics and Stellar Inflight to implement the trial.

Bluebox has previously provided hardware and software for viewing content for in-flight entertainment systems.

The company says the system will even allows for the iPad to be used during take-off and landing, when other electronic devices have to be shut off.

With a screen size of 9.7-inches, the iPad is almost the exact dimension of many built-in entertainment units currently being used by airlines.

One game that probably won't be on offer is Flight Control, a game made by the Melbourne-based developer Firemint. The game requires players to land a number of planes without crashing them into one another.


Unboxing: iPad Keyboard Dock

iPad in the Kitchen. whew!

So I'm waiting for iPad in the toilet. will it come? let's see. lolx!,

First iPad Car Installation

It was one of those “waiting to happen” customizations from the get-go: The iPad has been installed in a car dashboard. A project of Sound Man Car Audio in Santa Clarita, CA, the installation video below shows the dock connector hook into an Onkyo ND-S1 Digital Media Transport, Audison Bit One D/A converter and, appropriately enough, a McIntosh amplifier.

Check out the video below to see the physical installation of the iPad as an entertainment hub in a Toyota Tacoma.

Source: Mashable

DIY iPad Wall Mount

It’s been spotted in the car and in the kitchen cabinet, but the newest custom locale for the “magical” iPad? Swivel-mounted to the bedroom wall.

YouTube user dim3m cooked up this DIY wall mount setup out of a VESA TV mount and an iPad case to create a $40 articulating iPad stand. It looks like a nice, flexible solution for hands-free media watching that requires little actual construction and won’t break the bank. Check out the video below for the mount in action. The second video showcases the new and improved painted version with speakers.

The iPad Really Is Magical [VIDEO]


Jordan and Greyson were no match for the reigning Prince of Pop!

Jordan Jansen and Greyson Michael Chance may be trying to give Justin Bieber a run for his money on the music charts, but according to HollywoodLifers the Biebs still reigns supreme in one important category – his hair! You choose Justin’s signature shag over both Greyson and Jordan’s with roughly 75% of the vote! Check out below to see what some of our commentators had to say:

  1. Liz: Greyson … I Love Justin and Greyson but I choose Greyson. Justin’s voice has changed but still love him!
  2. Nicole: Jordan all the way! And I wouldn’t exactly call Justin the original, people had that look before Justin too!
  3. Lindsay A.: I Love you Justin Drew Bieber!
  4. Paige: You seriously put Jordan and Greyson on here? They have nothing against Justin.

Jordan! Greyson! Justin! Which teen dream has the snazziest shag?

It looks like Jordan Jansen isn’t just challenging Justin Bieber and Greyson Michael Chance on the music charts – he’s also rocking the duos signature shag! So we want to know HollywoodLifers: do you prefer newcomer Jordan’s handsome locks, Greyson’s midwest style, or do you only have eyes for the original – Justin?

Vote below and let them know!

View Poll

He’s got the hair. He’s got the talent. But can he get the fans?

The parade of tween boys entering the pop music world continues, and like Justin Bieber and Greyson Chance, this mop-topped newbie has YouTube to thank for his sudden success. Jordan Jansen, 12, is the latest pride and joy of Australia after rising to popularity online, and he’s got his sights set on the US. Jordan cites Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz and Michael BublĂ© as his biggest musical inspirations, but between his age and his look, we’re thinking he’s a lot more like Justin and Greyson.

Here are a few things we know about Jordan’s career:

  1. He has 16,500+ follows on Twitter (and he’s verified!)
  2. The videos on his official YouTube channel have been viewed more than 3 million times
  3. His legions of fans are trying to get him on Ellen
  4. He’s already had a crazy run-in with a fan! “I was singing at the Carrara Markets and a girl started screaming and crying saying ‘oh my God, it’s you,’ then started hyperventilating,” he said in an interview. “She was grabbing me and hugged me so tight I had marks on my neck. I was just laughing the whole time, I was in the middle of a song.”

What say you, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Jordan has what it takes to usurp Justin and Greyson’s throne? Watch this clip of Jordan singing, and tell us how you feel!

I just combine the 3 post into one .

because i think u must read it all in ONE TIME :)

keep beliebing :)




That kid can rap like his daddy!



Miley Cyrus is seductive looking young actress. She is said to be the new queen of magazine cover. Miley Cyrus is in the cover page of Billboard Magazine. This seductive picture that Miley Cyrus is in is the best for all guys out there. It like Miley Cyrus saying she is ready to take it. Miley Cyrus is talented and sexy looking young lady. Miley Cyrus should not change her attitude. Miley Cyrus should always put her both feet on the ground.


Lindsay Loahn is changing for good. Lindsay Lohan realized that there are plenty of Hollywood celebrities that are bad influence to her and she decided to avoid them for good. Lindsay Lohan is in Venice with close friends, friends that truly care for her. It is in so many newspapers about how Lindsay Lohan was bullied by fellow Hollywood celebrities, like Paris Hilton and Avril lavigne. Lindsay Lohan is said to be changing for good. When she returns, we will see a new Lindsay Lohan.


Cameron Diaz is Vogue Magazine for the UK market. Cameron Diaz is very beautiful in the picture to be in the cover page of the magazine. Cameron Diaz has been through so many battles in her life. Cameron Diaz is soon getting married. Hope that she gets pregnant immediately. Her current boyfriend is really a playboy and Cameron Diaz know that all. Cameron Diaz is just perfect for the magazine cover of Vogue. Cameron Diaz is ageless in this picture. Cameron Diaz looks like late 20's in this picture.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

So the rumors are true. Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn is out for release next year! The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is the fourth installment of the Twilight Saga. It's written by Stephenie Meyer. The movie Breaking Dawn is directed by Bill Condon. The movie will continue to have many of the cast of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. We will still be seeing Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Ashley Green as Alice Cullen, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. Oh well, Taylor Lautner was rumored to be not included in this movie.. But guess he is still part of Breaking Dawn.

Here's the synopsis of Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn:


Bella and Edward FINALLY get married. Edward STILL refuses to turn Bella. Edward and Bella think Bella might be pregnant so they leave their honeymoon early. Carlisle doesn't think it's possible for Vamps to reproduce, but alas, he is wrong. In the end, Edward turns Bella into a vampire because Edward always gives Bella what she wants and he doesn't know how to tell her "no." Emmett and Alice are still the most amazing characters. Jacob becomes the "leader of the pack" And, I'm supposing everyone lives happily ever after. The vampires and wolves FINALLY become allies to protect Bella and Renesme from the Vulturi. The Cullen Clan also bring old friends from near and far to help convince the Vulturi that Renesme is NOT a vampire-child, but a rare human-vampire hybrid. During all this chaos, Jasper and Alice end up leaving the Cullen-Clan to fend for themselves, only to come back to prove that other children (vampire/human hybrids) exist. The two of them bring proof in a little Mexican Boy whose father was a vampire and his mother a human. He also has brothers and sisters who are like him. The Vulturi accept the fact that Renesme is NOT a vampire-child, but a hybrid and leave the Cullen-Clan alone. In other news, Jacob imprints on Renesme which makes Bella crazy..
The movie's release date is set on November 2011, but the date is still subject to change. For now, fans must await Twilight Saga Eclipse which will premiere this month of June 2010.

Please join the Fan Page to Those Who will Watch Breaking Dawn Movie! I just joined! :)

Gays in the Military: Divide & Conquer

(YouTube Link)

"The hidden agenda behind allowing gays to serve openly is to undermine the Armed Forces. Proselytizing/predatory gays represent an enemy within. Straight men do not wish to live in close quarters with gay men. Is anyone concerned about their rights?

Straight men do not wish to face an external enemy while at the same time fending off sexual overtures from the rear.

Homosexuals will gain rank and use it to extort sexual favors. Discipline and morale will decline. The ranks will divide along gay-straight lines as straights repel unwanted attention. Homosexuality is all about seducing straight men.  Google "straight men" and see what you find...

...The Illuminati represent a Luciferian (satanic) principle which upsets everything that is natural and healthy using a spurious argument of "equal rights."  Of course,  human rights apply only to tiny minorities as a means of subverting the majority. The majority is being robbed of their rights (and everything else.)

Things that are deviant cannot be treated as normal without doing immense damage to the normal.

Henry Makow, What's Wrong With Gays in the Military? 

Notice the manner in which General Sheehan is being questioned. The panel has already made its mind up.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is truth being buried by the rise of new media ?

I was in Bangkok earlier in the month and saw an editorial in 'The Nation' that provoked me to respond as the writer was criticising those of us who use webs and blogs.

He says, " Rather than bringing us closer together, websites and blogs are bringing more hatred, division and misinformation than ever before."

Speaking at a commencement ceremony in Virginia, Obama - a known user of BlackBerry, as well as Twitter and Flickr - singled out Apple's iPods and iPads for criticism. No, he wasn't cheering one item over another; he was trying to make the point that these high-tech gizmos and applications are straining American democracy.

"With iPods and iPads and X-boxes and PlayStations - none of which I know how to work - information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation," Obama said at Hampton University in Virginia. "These are distractions that are putting unnecessary pressure on the country."

It may seem that Obama was being hypocritical, given the fact that he has used such gizmos in his presidential campaign and in his current office. But if we look at his message with an open mind, we can't deny the fact that he has a point.

Obama lamented the spread of social media and blogs, through which "some of the craziest claims can quickly claim traction".

While Obama's message was for American consumption, Thailand and the rest of the world are not immune to this phenomenon.

"We can't stop these changes," he said, "but we can adapt to them. And education is what can allow us to do so. It can fortify you, as it did earlier generations, to meet the tests of your own time."

Thailand has come to know the "changes" that Obama was talking about. However, we can't say wholeheartedly that these changes are for the better. Much of the news about these new technologies, often disseminated through the so-called "new media", are associated with crime, such as theft and pornography, not to mention intrusion into private lives.

Modern telecommunications and Internet technology may make our business transactions faster and allow us access to information at the push of a button - as the makers of these devices claim that they are linking people closer to one another - but in reality they don't make us better people or help us better understand the world we live in.

Too often we confuse information with knowledge. Because we confuse these two very different ideals, there is a tendency to believe almost anything that is posted on the Internet or sent via Twitter. This is a dangerous development.

"With so many voices clamouring for attention on blogs, on cable, on talk radio, it can be difficult at times to sift through it all, to know what to believe, to figure out who's telling the truth and who's not," Obama said.

The users of the so-called "new media" of blogs, Twitter and Websites all operate on "real time" and they cannot and will not wait 24 hours before releasing their information - accurate or not. And so they grab at anything politicians say or do without putting it in a proper context. In other words, it's not hard for the new breed of shameless politicians and others to exploit this reality.

In a traditional newspaper, information is ditched every 24 hours. While this gives the public time to sift out the truth and form considered opinions, it also greatly reduces the free space to spin out lies or half-truths.

While Obama was referring to American society when he said "All of this is not only putting new pressures on you. It is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy", we cannot deny that the same can be said for many other countries.
In some parts of Asia, where governments are dealing with vicious opposing voices, these new communication platforms have generated more hatred, misinformation and societal division than ever before.

Unfortunately, we can't turn back the clock. We can only, as individuals, employ sound judgement and not be fooled into believing everything that the spin-doctors and bloggers want us to believe.

This should be a lesson to all of us who blog, or communicate on social media, to take this democratic right responsibly, and seriously, to sift the chaff from the wheat, and try to be as accurate as possible in what we write about.

But like everything else in this world, that is easier said than done.

The Making of Eenie Meenie

Somebody to Love Rehearsals!!!

Here are some clips from Somebody to Love rehearsal!! By Poreotics Crew!!

Justin dance alot in this video!! I cant wait for the video!!


Yesterday.. Justin Bieber was killing us with hints of the new video that will be releasing tomorrow. If u missed on that news... Read the post HERE!!

One of my guess was right!!! I searched on Karate Kid's Soundtrack and BAM!!! Justin Bieber is in it and its the last track of the album! Its a song called Never Say Never which ya'll might have heard before on youtube. Its a song of Justin Bieber featuring Jayden Smith(if u're wondering who is this guy, he's Will Smith's son!).

"Never Say Never"
Written by Adam Messinger, Nasri Atweh, Justin Bieber, Thaddis Harrell, Jaden Smith and Omarr Rambert
Produced by The Messengers
Vocals produced by Kuk Harrell
Additional Rap Vocals produced by Omarr Rambert
Performed by Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith
Justin Bieber appears courtesy of RBMG/Island/Def Jam Music Group

Here's a preview of it. We'll get to hear it full tomorrow!!






Many people are looking at Lindsay Lohan right now. it is because for the past days, she is acting strange. Many believed that she is sick or even high on drugs. But It is the way Lindsay Lohan wants to be. Lindsay Lohan is out of fashion. Many believed that this is part of the finding herself thing after the lost offers to her and the bullying of some Hollywood icons like Paris Hilton and Avril Lavigne. Just looking at Lindsay Lohan, it seems shes in the dumbest moment of her poor career.


Miley Cyrus reigns the magazine world as she posses for Billboard Magazine as the cover girl. Miley Cyrus is getting lots of attention lately because of her video Can't be tamed. Many of her fans feared that Miley Cyrus might end up like Britney Spears. Miley Cyrus is getting sexier in her videos and the way she dresses lately. The teen pop princess might be no more after Miley Cyrus video. The official launch of the Miley Cyrus video will be on June 22.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Justin Bieber Wannabe

Justin Bieber’s monopoly at being the supreme of teen music lovers seems to be under threat from the relatively unknown 12 years old Greyson Chance.

Who is Greyson Chance ??

Greyson Chance shot to fame so early by sheer luck. His performance of Lady GaGa’s ‘Paparazzi’ on a school talent hunt was recorded and later was uploaded to YouTube.

It ran like a virus from there on. Till now the video of Greyson performing the song, playing a piano have had more than 10 million hits.

That same piece was seen by Ellen DeGeneres, one of the judges of ‘American Idol’ and she invited Greyson to her talk show. That talk show was something to remember for the little crooner as his favorite Lady GaGa herself gave a call and talked to him there.

Now he has a contract with Ellen DeGeneres record label.

In fact, he is going to be the first-act for Ellen’s newest foray into music industry. Ellen has also given the budding, little entertainer a piano and $10,000, Chance revealed.

The way his video and fan base is increasing in geometric progression; Justin Bieber might just be a tad bit worried. We, the listeners will always expect stiff competitions between this two as that and only that will sure bring out the best in them both.


why everyone try to search next Justin Bieber ??

even Greyson Chance got a talent , Justin Bieber still the best . YEAH

#justsayin @greysonchance follow me on twitter :)


i'm not get chanceFever

because i love BELIEBING more than others :)


Cat Holds Fox Hostage and Starts Licking


Awww!!! When would he touch my face?????

This is from the lucky girl's view!!

View from the girl behind the lucky girl!

View from far. U can see the lucky girl's reaction!





It'd be fun if Justin we to flirt me like that~

I want ya'll to tell me what would u guys react/feel/do/anything if he picked u to do this?

Personally~ I'd blush.. And i'd stare back into his eyes as long as possible! When would there be a next time that i can ever get him to stare back into mine right??



This tweet got me wondered... 3 VIDEOS?!?!?! So we know 1 is Somebody to Love, which we are sooooo excited about. So whats the other 2??

Then Justin tweeted this!!! Karate Kid?? He's gonna have a soundtrack for that movie? He's doing a feature with J Smith?? What?!? JUSTIN IS KILLING US WITH CURIOUSITY!!! TELL US ALREADY!!

And he tweeted again~ I have a feeling its a feature with J Smith~

OK!! HOT!!

The Syrenz Somebody to Love VLOG!

WE DEFINATELY CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gold plated 34 years old Bieber Fan

IT MAY come as a surprise to the Bieber Barmy Army but not all fans of the Canadian popster are female and under 16.

Thirty-four-year-old forklift driver, Mick Follers of Condell Park, describes himself as Justin Bieber's No. 1 fan and he's got the number plates to prove it.

Paying $440 a year for the privilege of personalised plates Mr Follers said he was motivated by his appreciation of Bieber's songs and that he might make some money selling them.

Mr Foller didn't bother to go and see Bieber when he appeared in Sydney on David Koch's Sunrise program but he has followed the popster faithfully on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

"I've downloaded all his tunes from iTunes,'' he told The Daily Telegraph.

"I'm one of his older fans but I like his stuff.''

Asked if he believed David Koch's allegations about Bieber's "foul mouth'', the no-nonsense storeman said he wasn't sure about Kochie.

"I doubt what he (Koch) said was true but on the spur of the moment he (Bieber) could have said it. I think everyone does occasionally.''

In the meantime, Bieber fans have responded to Kochie's statement that the talented teen needed a "slap'' for his alleged f-bomb to a staffer. And they're not happy.

While most replied in a similar vein to Melbourne blogger Drew Boy "it was a loada B******T!'', for many it was more a case of Koch? Koch who? "Who's Peter Koch?'' asked one.

Sydney law student Atia twittered to Bieber: "@justinbieber u Mean wot that old bald man 4RM sunrise said. That were rude in Australia. He is a Mean person. Ignore him.''

This was in reply to Justin Bieber's plaintive: "i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess.''

Atia's response to Kochie was less polite: "U bald old Koch from Unrise plz grow up. And leave Justin bieber alone. He is only 16 trying 2 grow up.''

Kochie tweeted: "Bieber fans calm down. No big deal. Was in paper. But in public eye have to be nice to people. Is a good bloke learning to deal with fame''.

This response may have satisfied Kochie's 1081 followers, but not so the Bieber's 2.7 million fans.
Kat Drummond from Indiana summed up the general response, tweeting: "It's almost amazing how many different stories there are about Justin Bieber's interviews?"

Source: Daily Telegraph

Wow~ And i thought i was a crazy 22 years old Belieber(And i have haters for being a 22 years old Belieber. They said im too old. Is that freaking wrong??). This guy wayyyyyy older and wayyyyyy crazier to do something like that!! And i don't hate him for being a Belieber. I am happy that Justin Bieber is loved by people at any age!!

What do u think? Yay or Nay for him to do that? Leave us your comment!

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Confessions of Middle-Aged 'Bieliebers'

Shantel Simpson isn't afraid of getting caught dancing to Justin Bieber's music -- even if her three children make fun of her. The 39-year-old mother, who boasts 'Eenie Meenie' and 'Overboard' as her favorite Bieber songs, tells PopEater that her kids "don't like Bieber at all... But I don't care. I blare his music."

Even though the floppy-haired, 16-year-old pop star has a reputation for making young girls swoon into compete hysterics, women over 35 are now stepping forward to admit they've caught "Bieber Fever," too.

Simpson first heard Bieber's music on the radio one day and has been listening to it ever since. "I like Justin's sincerity. He seems really down to Earth, and his mom seems to be doing a good job."

But being an older fan hasn't been easy for Simpson. "People always joke, 'Oh he's jailbait,' or 'He's just too young. He can't sing and doesn't have the voice.' But that doesn't bother me," Simpson tells PopEater. "There are a lot of older fans, but people are just afraid to admit it," she said, adding that her 42-year-old friend in South Carolina likes Bieber too -- even though they both "get made fun of for it."

Louise Rowe, 45, admits she had preconceived notions when she first heard Bieber's songs on the radio. "Actually, I thought he was black, so when I saw him for the first time, I was surprised like, 'Who is this little white boy?'" she laughs. "He can actually sing. He doesn't need to depend on anyone else or use a synthesizer or auto-tune to sound good."

Despite all the critics, Rowe believes Bieber has a long career in front of him. "Look at what he has done so far with 'My World.' His voice is still changing, but he'll get better over time. I'm really looking forward to it," she said.

Bieber's bubble gum pop pandemonium is obviously expanding, and it's not just consumed by young girls anymore, so rock on, Bieber. Show us what you've got.

Source: Pop Eater

OMG!!! I really think this is cool!! Middle-age Beliebers!! See haters of mine!! Thanks for calling me creepy!! I have my army now!! LMFAO!! But seriously.. I could relate to Louise Rowe's story! I felt the same way when i first heard Bieber's One Time!!


I dont think I lost my childhood

"10 years.. U'll see me on Ocean's 60"

Justin Bieber Look Alike!

This boy freakishly looks like Justin Bieber. He has his lips!! Like its duplicated from Justin's to his lips!!



Im not too sure if u can vote multiple times. But it seens that u can!! So get voting already!!



Here is Vanessa Hudgens, the star of the High School Musical that she and Zac Efron are the stars. Vannesa Hudgens was caught in the camera, parked her car in the handicapped place. Vanessa Should think right and obey the lay. Here, Vanessa Hudgens Many knows and idolized Vanessa Hudgens. But after the incident, Vanessa Hudgens is a nig loser that time.


Lindsay Lohan has a new movie. It is titlled inferno and Lindsay Lohan portrays the role as Linda Lovelance. In the movie, Lindsay Lohan is a prostitute and the role is just perfect for her. After this, Lindsay Lohan will be on the sideline because she has no more movies coming. Linday Lohan needs to calm the intrue down before she goes out again in the public. Lindsay Lohan is very controversial because of her escapades that is doing her bad.


Rihanna is one of the best females in this generation right now. She has somany sold out hits and hit concerts. Rihanna is not yet done, she has naother viseo called Te Amo. The te amo video that Rihanna is the star, showcase the best of Rihanna. Rihanna is not just for r&b. But she can do more daring roles in a music video. Many producers are amazed about Rihanna. It seems that Rihanna is very versatile in her genre.

Gulf Oil Spill

(YouTube link) (Program notes go up to 01:50)

The point that Jesse makes in this clip is an interesting one. He has footage of George Soros saying that the enemies of the New World Order are the oil producing nations (5:34 on the counter). Jesse speculates that the push toward clean energy draws us away from oil, enabling the globalists to take control with the green movement.

This quote from Soros would make you wonder if we are truly running out of oil. Some believe that oil is a renewable resource, yet others say we are running out. This could be the same type of false information being put out there by the elite controllers, since they are having a difficult time taking control of the oil producing countries.

So Jesse doesn't say that the accident was an inside job, but they are drawing it out in the media to upset the American people.

In the following clip, Alex Jones believes it is a way for Obama to nationalize oil.

(YouTube link)

Bird Strike for iPhone

I gotta tell you this iphone app
is really soooooo addictive!

Try it and you'll see!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Your Lips My Biggest Weakness

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber may not have a whole lot of experience with the ladies – yet – but he knows what to do when the mood is right.

"I mean, if you’re driving you make a little stop at, you know, the Wal-Mart rest stop ... you're good," Bieber tells the Johnjay and Rich radio show in San Diego.

Bieber says that while he's yet to try the parking lot maneuver inside the new Range Rover his pal Usher bought him for his 16th birthday, he's certain that if he does, it'll work out well.

"I'm a good – I'm a great kisser," the singer says, noting he's made out with "a couple chicks."

When one of the radio hosts then complimented Bieber's "nice, little full lips," the comment threw the tween sensation off for a second. "Oh ... I don't know why you're saying that," Bieber said jokingly.


who wants to be kiss by JUSTIN BIEBER ???
OMG why all of you put ur hand up ??



Justin Bieber iPhone /iPod Theme

Rejoice Justin Bieber's fans
Cuz Justin invades your iphone!
Install now!

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We love u Justin Bieber!

With all the downs that Justin Bieber gets for the past few weeks..

Justin gets blocked on Twitter.
A guy made an application the "shaved" whatever things that is realted to Justin Bieber on internet browsers.
People saying he gave the middle finger for asking about his tattoo.
People saying he have a foul mouth.

And soooo much more....

@BieberEnergy made a very touching video. Watch it.. I teared..

Tell us what u think. Comment
And @bieberarmy_asia love u justinbieber...

Bieber on Twitter: He's taking 2 million girls at his disposal

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, talked about the megastar’s usage of Twitter. It was brilliant. “What other way is a teenage boy going to talk to girls?,” Braun quipped.

Bieber currently has around 2.7 million followers on Twitter, making him one of the most-followed people on the service. But more impressively, Bieber has seemed to dominate Twitter’s Trending Topics area lately. Or rather, he did. Then something happened. “Twitter, if you’re here. You changed your algorithm,” Braun half-joked.

Braun noted that for most of the tweets it is actually Bieber tweeting. In fact, Braun is the only other one with the password to the account — and those tweets are clearly not from Bieber. And of course Bieber is going to tweet for himself: “He’s talking to the 2 million girls has at his disposal,” Braun said.

More seriously, Braun said that the usage of Twitter is actually pretty important. It shows that he’s ”the same person who was talking to them before he got huge, is still talking to them now,” Braun noted.

He noted that there may be a random girl in Iowa who never thought she’d ever talk to Justin Bieber, then he responds to her on Twitter. “That’s something she’ll remember for the rest of her life.”

Bieber spends a least two hours a day on Twitter, Braun noted. “He likes doing it. That’s what kids do.”

Source: TechCrunch


This really upsets me much. Would Justin say something like that to someone? We know Justin does say bad words here and there.. But to be telling off a floor manager like that? Thats really rude. As much as i dont wanna believe all this.. I just have a feeling he did say that. I mean by watching tons of his videos, i can tell he really does have a foul mouth. Dont hate me for this but im just saying.


Shaved Bieber

How much more annoying can haters be? Can the just leave the 16 year old kid alone?? Seriously! Shut the fuck up already!

So people have been saying and blogging and youtubing about hating Bieber. But removing him off the browser is wayyyy to much! Web designer Greg Leuch invented an application/software thats called "Shaved Bieber" to block out anything Justin Bieber related. Like his name or even his pictures!! Seriously?? For real?? First Twitter banned him from TT.. And now this?? If u have have no clue what the fish im saying.. Watch this annoying video!!

What have u gotta say bout that?? Leave your frustrations on the comment below.



The most famous celebrity right now, Megan Fox has a new movie to show. She stars as Jonah Hex and this movie that Megan Fox stars will be on theaters on June 18 for the premiere of the movie. In this movie, Megan Fox shows what she can do aside from the sci-fy movie, Transformers. Megan is said to visit movie theaters on the premiere of the movie.


Many Hollywood celebrities right now are engaging into the sex tape-scandal thing. No wonder Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson is in this category. Hollywood celebrities that show their natural human side. But that is not just all. Kendra Wilkinson's rated x tape is selling like hotcakes right now. According to the news, man people are buying the tape because Kendra Wilkinson has a good moves in the tape. Many Hollywood stars into this scandal and they get noticed immediately.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is Mary the Co-redeemer?

It seems that the Catholic church thinks so. The believe the Virgin Mary—though always subordinate to and dependent on the will of Christ—plays an active, unique and irreplaceable role in helping her son deliver mankind from sin and death. The change in Catholic church doctrine may be announced as early as May 31st.

Why is this doctrine change important? Not only is it heretical, it would serve as a step toward ecumenism. 


Say it ain’t so! Australian television host claims that The Bieb told a producer “Don’t ever f****ing touch me again!”

Sounds like Justin Bieber may be getting a diva complex! The teen pop sensation reportedly turns into a brat as soon as the cameras stop rolling, the Australian paper Herald-Sun is reporting. The host of Sydney morning show “Sunrise” claimed that the 16-year-old actually swore at a producer! “I thought, ‘Maybe someone needs to drag you aside and give you bit of a slap,’” David Koch said. Oh, Justin! The Bieb tweeted a response to the allegations:

“Family time with my mom couldn’t come at a better time….I was raised to respect others and not gossip…nor answer gossip with anger”

“I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess.”

Now that sounds like the Justin we know…or we thought we knew!

“We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke… really decent guy,” Koch told Sydney’s Mix 106.5 radio station.

“Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and [he] turned around and said to him: ‘Don’t ever f***ing touch me again.”

It gets worse. Apparently, Bieber’s regular sound technician said that “he tells us that all the time.”

Oh Justin, we hope this isn’t true!


Source: Holloywoodlife

MTV Movie Awards Promo

MTV Movie Awards Promo!!!

This is too funny!!! Hahahahaha!!!

That's Justin Bieber, bro! People don't talk back to him!
Who's Chuck Norris now, BITCH!

Gotta love the way he eats his chips!!

UFO Disclosure

Carol Rosin is an award-winning educator, author, leading aerospace executive and space and missile defense consultant. She is a former spokesperson for Wernher von Braun, and has consulted to a number of companies, organizations, government departments and the intelligence community. She is the current President of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS). She is also a witness for The Disclosure Project. [1]

The Disclosure Project is an organization started by Steven M. Greer in 1993 that alleges the existence of a US government cover-up of information relating to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The Project has adopted Greer's contention that UFOs are spacecraft piloted by intelligent extraterrestrial life, and that the United States government is keeping this secret. Greer also uses the project to disseminate his beliefs that the government has concealed advanced energy technologies obtained from the extraterrestrials by suppressing and hiding them in top secret "black projects" in order not to upset the global geo-political power and energy-sector financial status-quo and its oil industry "special interests."

In this clip from YouTube: According to Dr. Rosin, von Braun, who was formerly the head of the Nazi rocket program, gave her one supreme assignment: He said a secretive trans-national power, already in existence, would move to permanently take control of this planet through a hoaxed alien invasion from outer space.

(YouTube link)

According to von Braun, space-based weapons, later known as the "Star Wars" program, were to be promoted as a "shield" against the Russians and 'rogue' nations, and as protection against asteroids and meteors. Finally they would be presented as a safeguard against an extraterrestrial threat.

According to Dr. Steven Greer, the head of the "Disclosure Project," "....the prospect that a shadowy, para-governmental and transnational entity exists that has kept UFO's secret, and is planning a deception that will dwarf the events of 9/11..." This is a scenario that more people within the depths of our government have begun to reveal. The goal of this hoaxed space alien invasion was simple:  Create a common enemy, and drive all nations to submit to a one world government. And in Dr. Greer's words:  " justify eventually spending trillions on space weapons... thus uniting the world in fear, in militarism and war."

Greer claims that Hollywood movies have been deliberately implanting a fear of ET's:  "...this mental conditioning to fear ET has been subtly reinforced for decades, in preparation for future deceptions...The Plan is to eventually create a new, sustainable, off-planet enemy..."[2]

As I was trying to locate a good clip on Greer, he mentioned that his uncle designed the first lunar module that landed on the moon, Laurence Rockefeller, who gave him the information on UFOs. After about an hour of research, the only association a Rockefeller had with the lunar projects was funding. His uncle may be the Laurence Rockefeller, the financier, who established the UFO Disclosure Initiative to the Clinton White House. They asked for all UFO information held by the government, including from the CIA and the US Air Force, to be declassified and released to the public. [3]

Within the following two YouTube clips, I believe Greer exposes himself with his collapse all religions of the world, and usher in the world government.

On the first clip, Greer exposes his desire to see the religions of the world collapse.

(YouTube link) (02:25 is his comment about religions of the world)

This second clip shows his New Age involvement, and he obviously has an agenda.

(YouTube link) (You'll want to watch the entire clip - especially toward the end.)


idk why after i'm leaving bieber world there is lot of bad news about him
not all bad but mostly i think .

but firstly i'm back .
hmm maybe i will not always blogging but i will try my best :)
but before i continue to write , WHO MISS ME ??
OMG no one of you put ur hand up :((
here we go !!

n a new promo for the June 6 awards show, Ansari and Bieber saddle up with some soda cans and potato chips to watch the critically acclaimed war movie in 4-D — a viewing experience that brings actor Jeremy Renner's bomb-disposal efforts straight out of the screen and right into the living room.
But as Ansari begins gleefully cheering and Bieber starts eating his snacks too loudly during one particularly intense sequence, a visibly frustrated Renner loses his cool

"Relax on the chips there, cowboy," Renner warns Bieber, prompting a startled Ansari to issue a warning of his own: "That's Justin Bieber, bro! People don't talk back to him!"

Renner tells Ansari that he doesn't know who Justin Bieber is,
and frankly, he doesn't care — not when there are deadly improvised explosive devices waiting to be disarmed.
But Renner's cell phone betrays those claims once it starts ringing for the whole room to hear — playing none other than "Baby," Bieber's chart-topping single.

"You know exactly who Justin Bieber is!" an angry Ansari exclaims as he leaps out of his chair. "And you just disrespected him!"

what actually Renner want to ?
did he want attention from Justin Bieber ??

read more here

just want to say .
i'm now in new study place.
i meet up a lot of Bieber Hater .
proudly they know how to sing baby :))




It is just very common to see Hollywood stars in their daily living in Hollywood. But they are more scarred at night. AnnaLynne McCorde was seen in the streets of Hollywood going out from a disco. Press immediately made the ambush pictorials to the 90210 star. She barely reacted and was even caught as her shirts was too loose for her. Annalynne McCorde's boobs were not that big as the press said. She has a small boobs and Annalynne McCorde might undergo breast augmentation.


Counting the number of plastic surgery made and Heidi Montag will be a name to reckoned with. Heidi Montag, Hollywood celebrity, model and fashion icon has been in the pages in every magazine there is. She had undergone series of plastic surgeries last year. Many of Heidi Montag are against the operation because it is just throwing huge amount of money to plastic surgeons. But Heidi Montag is more firm in her decision to go to the series of plastic surgery operations to her body. Heidi Montag is happy without friends and family. Heidi Montag considers them fake and envy about her beautiful body.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

114 years of Red Cross experience

L to R. Jerry Talbot. former head of IFRC Asia and Pacific Dept, Alistair Henley, Director, Asia Pacific Zone, IFRC, and Bob McKerrow Head of delegation IFRC, Indonesia. Photo:  Jason Smith

A few weeks back I was in our Asia and Pacific zone office in Kuala Lumpur and met up with Alistair Henley and Jerry Talbot, and at the farewell for Peter Lundberg I spied Jerry and Alistair together. I did some quick calculations and said to Jason Smith our communications expert, "there is at least 114 years experience among the three of us." Jason rushed off and grabbed  his camera, and took this shot.

A little more about these two dedicated Red Cross workers.

Alistair Henley has worked with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies since 1981. He is currently Director, Asia Pacific Zone responsible for managing the IFRC’s operations and general activities in the entire Asia Pacific region from the Zone Office set up in July 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Before that he was Head of the East Asia Regional Delegation based in Beijing from 2003 to 2007. He served as Director of the Development Cooperation Department in Geneva from 1995 to 2000 and Head of the Coordination Department from 2000 to 2003. In these 2 posts he worked with donors to build up support for the Federation’s National Society capacity building goals and longer term programme appeals. This is one of many of Alistair's strengths, his ability to inspire confidence in donors and to negotiate long term funding. When I worked in Afghanistan, Alistair did sterling work in promoting our work and ensuring we got adequate funding.

Between 1989 and 1993 he headed the Regional Delegation for Southern Africa in Harare, and worked as a desk officer in the Asia Pacific and Africa departments of the IFRC (1981 to 1989). He started his Red Cross career with the British Red Cross Society in London (1978-1981).

He holds a Master’s degree in East Asian studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Alistair's grandfather and grandmother were amazing people who worked in what is today's Georgia and Azerbijan from about 1906 up until the collapse of Czarist Russia. He has a stunning collection of his grandparent's photos which is  a real treasure.

Alistair has a encylopedic knowledge of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement and had the unenviable task in decentralising the leadership of our Asia and Pacific department from Geneva, to Kuala Lumpur, a task he has done with great verve and aplomb.

Jerry Talbot retired on Monday, 31 March 2009, after 42 years uninterrupted service to Red Cross. Jerry Talbot the former special representative to the secretary general for the tsunami operation of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, was an outstanding leader, with excellent vision, who took a long-range perspective on the big things and was able to develop concepts. He focused on people and inspired trust in all he met. He was gifted with a strong intellect and made a huge contribution for over 40 years to global humanity.

Bill Clinton with his arm round Jerry Talbot on the far left, when Clinton visited the Maldives.

Jerry comes from a large family who still farm In Onga Onga in the Hawkes Bay.

Not surprisingly with his farming background, his second assignment for the New Zealand Red Cross in 1969 was taking some bulls for breeding in Western Samoa. I often joked with him that he was an impressive bull-shipper. The year before that,  he spent one year in Vietnam working on livelihoods programmes for displaced people. For 14 years he was Secretary of the New Zealand Red Cross and under his leadership, it developed into a very well functioning organisation. Next he moved to Geneva in 1990 where he became head of the Asia Pacific Region for the IFRC. Jerry is married to Jen, a very lively and intelligent women, and the have three married sons.

During his Red Cross career he spent time helping his sister run the family farm and when possible, he would slip off to a quiet stream or river, where he indulged in fly fishing. There, like on Thoreau's Walden Pond, Jerry would reflect on the troubled world and come back more motivated to change the world.

In January 2005. Jerry moved to the Maldive Islands where the IFRC built thousands of houses, put in new water supplies, restored livelihoods and assisted many thousands of families. One on the greatest tributes to Jerry Talbot is through his leadership and vision on Dhuvaafaru Island in Raa Atoll, where the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has created new homes for more than 3,700 people who were displaced from their original island after the Indian ocean tsunami struck in 2004.

So that's a bit of a ramble about Alistair and Jerry, (pictured above) two guys I have come to admire greatly over the years.