Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kanye West, Justin Bieber Fans Split On 'Runaway Love' Remix


Kanye West forced fanbases to collide on Monday, when he released his Justin Bieber "Runaway Love" remix, which also features Raekwon.

What began as a mere social-networking brainstorm both utilizes the contemporary pop-chart topping talents of both West and the Biebs and incorporates some of Raekwon's vintage verses from "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F--- Wit." So how do loyal fans react when a teen pop sensation, a master producer-turned-rapper and a hip-hop legend combine forces?

For the answers, we've looked across different blogs and MTVNews.com to see fan comments and reactions to the new record. While the remix seemed acceptable to most listeners, others thought the blend of Bieber with the two MCs went together like oil and water.

McShanful wrote on the hip-hop blog 2dopeboyz.com: "I thought this turned out pretty dope. But judging by the comments, this remix is a fail because Wu-Tang fans don't want to hear JB on a classic beat. And JB fans don't know or even care who Raekwon is, nor do they appreciate this classic beat. Nice try, 'Ye."

Readers on both pop and hip-hop websites couldn't see the benefit of including Bieber's song in the collaboration, stating that the current prince of bubblegum pop discredited the rappers' integrity.

"I'm a hard-core fan of Kanye's earlier music, but now I honestly think he will do anything if it gives him some fraction of publicity or money," Leni wrote on JustJared.com. "Justin Bieber? I mean really?"

Legacye wrote on on PerezHilton.com: "Oh ... dear ... lord. That was awful. Kanye's part of the track sounded fine, but Justin's music is just TOO tweeny-pop to fit in well with adult R and B. 1/5 from me."

And though Bieber's collaboration with Ludacris on "Baby" has been a huge hit with his followers, some were less than pleased by this much this harder-edged track.

"OMG !! That is just horrible," KT wrote on on Popeater.com. "Justin is the only good thing on the song, but you have to sit thru that no talent thug mumbling and talking his way thru the verses before Justin sprinkles his magic on the song. PLEASE Justin don't team up with these no talent thug rappers because your management says so. All it shows is how much talent you have and how little talent the rappers have. No wonder they all want a piece of Justin's genius. YAYYY JUSTIN!!"

But other fans were supportive of the boundary-breaking trio.

"The song actually wasn't that bad, and as much as I hate to say it, Bieber sounded a little like Michael Jackson," Ericarbo436 wrote on MTVNews.com.

"A young youth, rockin' the gold tooth!" Börte Petrarchia wrote on PerezHilton.com. "What a great collaboration that was. I think some were uneasy about it when they first heard, but I wasn't. F--- this elitist bullsh-- about who should work with who in music. It's all about creating wonderful tracks, and this is fantastic. Kanye's back, better than ever, so I'm happy."

Rwar wrote on 2dopeboyz.com: "So good I had to post twice. Can we collectively acknowledge how important Kanye West is to music? Who else could make this happen?"

What do you think of the "Runaway Love" remix? Keep the conversation going in the comments below!

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