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Lance Wallnau: A Vatican Hireling

Is Lance Wallnau preaching that men should repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved? No, he is mobilizing Christians to go to other nations and teach "Kingdom principles," acting as if that is going to change lives for eternity. He states clearly that he wants to "take dominion of the high places" - for Jesus Christ, so he says. Think about this for a moment. Did Jesus say He came to help people become better in Kingdom principles, or to seek and save the lost?

As you watch the videos, Wallnau bases his plan around a warfare strategy built on a Seven Mountains Mandate. He believes that ‘if the world is to be won, these are the mountains that mold the culture and the minds of men. Whoever controls these mountains, controls the direction of the world and the harvest therein. [1] Is this a move of the Holy Spirit? No, Wallnau and Dominionists are plotting an Evangelical sanctioned military campaign to wage war on the leadership of the nations. This is similar to the Crusades that took place during the early part of last millennia when the Roman Catholic church tried to fight against Islam. This time, however, the vision has broadened.

In the first video, Wallnau identifies who each of the seven mountains are, and explains that we (the Church) have the authority to rule over them. His desire is for the Church to rule over the world, using the model Hitler used when he took over the seven mountains during his reign of terror. Wallnau believes the Church can be equipped with a similar plan.

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Let's Get the Big Picture
Many Bible students believe that the Roman Catholic system has headed up the end time apostate state, and history proves that it has. John, in the Book of Revelation, writes of seven mountains/hills with one to rule over them.

In Rev 17:9-11 KJV, the Bible says:
"Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits. There are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time. The beast that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and is going to perdition [a place of eternal punishment]. "
Matthew Henry says:
"It would deceive into stupid and blind submission all the inhabitants of the earth within its influence, except the remnant of the elect. This beast was seven heads, seven mountains, the seven hills on which Rome stands; and seven kings, seven sorts of government. Five were gone by when this prophecy was written; one was then in being; the other was yet to come. This beast, directed by the papacy, makes an eighth governor, and sets up idolatry again. It had ten horns, which are said to be ten kings who had as yet no kingdoms; they should not rise up till the Roman empire was broken; but should for a time be very zealous in her interest."
How does the Roman Catholic church and Lance Wallnau connect?
Lance Wallnau, and many of those in the prophetic movement, are members of a secret society called the Knights of Malta. This organization is a small division of the Knights Templar - who later helped to found Freemasonry.

The Knights of Malta are part of the militia for the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath. They are sworn in by taking the Jesuit Oath. [2]If you recall, the Jesuits are bound and determined to reclaim the Protestant Church for the Roman Catholic church.

The Objectives of the Knights of Malta
The Knights of Malta believe in these policies, principles, and objectives of the Vatican. The policies which are proclaimed by the office of the Pope are the same as those of the UN and the future world government.

1. End of sovereignty for the United States and other countries.
2. End of absolute property rights.
3. End of all gun rights.
4. The new international economic Order (world government).
5. The redistribution of wealth and jobs.
6. Calls for nations to trust the United Nations.
7. Total disarmament.
8. Promote the United Nations as the hope for peace.
9. Promote UNESCO, the deadly educational and cultural arm of the United Nations.
10. Promote interdependence.
11. Support sanctions honoring Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin-the New Age Humanist Priest.
12. Support the belief that the economic principle of traditional Christian or Catholic social doctrine is the economic principle of communism.
13. Promote the Pope as the acting go-between for the United States and the Soviet Union.[3]

View this outdated list of members. Rick Joyner and Paul Cain are also members.

In the next video, Wallnau says: 1) that Seven Mountains Dominionism is founded upon the belief that every sphere of influence is literally being held captive by people hand-picked by Satan and 2) it is the obligation of Christians to "seize those high places" in order to bring about the return of Jesus Christ.

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Have you noticed how difficult it is to analyze what he's saying? He's a master of doublespeak - deliberately disguising and distorting the truth, yet adding some true principles.

In the final video, Lance Wallnau does not say that he got the idea for the seven mountains from the Bible, rather from Lauren Cunningham and Bill Bright. Lauren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) had a revelation from God in 1975. This was quickly confirmed in a meeting with Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade.Then they had another confirmation for their prophecy by another minister seen on television. All three had received the same list of seven areas of influence completely independent of one another. [4]

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Why is the Seven Mountains Mandate and Dominion Theology important? It is gaining steam and becoming mainstream at many of the ecumenical events around the country/world. The false prophets are leading us directly back into the arms of Rome and the Roman Catholic church. Don't be fooled. It's not the next move of God!

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